LOGOS Assembly Of God - Belhar
A Growing Church for a Going People

LifeGroup is the small group ministry of Logos AOG - Belhar, that aims to make Christian life personal and practical for every believer.

Our groups meet every Tuesday evening in and around the regions of our church.

Programming consists of praise and worship, Bible studies, fellowship, outreach, camps, and much, much more.

Join a LifeGroup and become part of the Community of Believers.

For more details, please CONTACT our office.

Locations & Starting Times

* Banjo      (S. Spanneberg) – 7:30pm

* Bluedowns       (A. Engel) – 7:30pm

* Delft        (E. Abrahams) – 7:30pm

* Elsies River   (J. Curnow) – 7:30pm

* Belhar 11    (R. Petersen) – 7:30pm

* Belhar 13A     (W. Fisher) – 7:30pm

* Belhar 13B   (P. Williams) – 7:30pm

* Belhar 13C     (A. Wilson) – 7:30pm

* Belhar 14      (H. Voster) – 7:30pm

* Kuils River    (R. Adonis) – 7:30pm

* Musicals       (J. Brandt) – 7:30pm

* N2 Gateway    (B. Saaiman) - 7:30pm

* Old Belhar    (B. Saulten) – 7:30pm

* Pentech        (M. Jacobs) – 7:30pm

* Self-Help    (T. Solomons) – 7:30pm


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